Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the flight radar?

You can use the flight radar either by manually clicking/selecting an aircraft on the map or by entering a valid flight number in the search bar.

Flugnummer Suchleiste
How do I get information about a desired flight?

After selecting an aircraft on the map or entering a flight number in the search bar, a window will appear on the left side of the screen with more information such as; departure and arrival location, departure and arrival time as well as flight altitude, distance already traveled, etc.

Why has a searched aircraft disappeared from the map or cannot be found?

Sometimes ADS-B signals are lost or not receivable and thus no data from the searched aircraft is currently available. The ADS-B signal is sent from the aircraft and a ground station receives it. This data is then fed into a server accordingly. Here, for example, the transmitter may be faulty, or there may be no receiver in range because the aircraft is currently on an overseas flight.

Are military aircraft displayed?

In some cases, military aircraft are displayed without further data, but these are usually not detectable.

Where can I find my flight number?

You can find their flight number on their ticket. Mostly this consists of 4-6 digits.

Is Flightradars.online free of charge?

Yes. All possible functions on this page can be used for free! If you need additional features, you need to subscribe to a flight radar hoster like Radarbox24 or Flightradar24 and open an account.

Flightradars.online offers only free standard information, which is sufficient for simple purposes.

Is the flight radar displayed in real time?

The flight radar displays all data in real time.